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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 20, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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watch >> that's going to do it for us. time has gone fast with you. >> yes, absolutely. a lot of news, but fast. >> it's crawling here with ali here this morning. kyra phillips joins us now from the "cnn newsroom." >> i have canadian family, but kiran, you got to be with me on this! uggh! you either love it or hate petine. good morning, guys. it's 9:00 a.m. on the east coast and 6:00 a.m. on the west coast. i'm kyra phillips. thanks for joining us. a bipartisan deal to raise the nation's debt ceiling is fueling hopes the government won't run out of money on august 2nd. obama saying the deadline drawing close and congressional leaders need to talk turkey in today's meetings. most of the central heat under a heat alert. some areas feel as hot as 126 degrees. . the taliban blaming u.s.
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hackers for a text that announced the death of mullah omar. the taliban says, no, he is alive and well. one day after rupert murdoch tried to repel the british assault on his empire, it's the prime minister's turn to face parliament. david cameron tainted by claims that he was too cozy with the media giant and drew raucous responses in his appearance before the special session. >> what is the public expects is not petty political point scoring but a -- what -- what they want, what they deserve is concerted action to rise to the level of events and pledge to work together to sort this issue out once and for all and it is in that spirit that i commend this statement to the house! >> across great britain, public and political outrage has been boiling over claims of police bribery, phone hacking and a heartless abuse of power. james and rupert murdoch walked
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into parliament knowing that they had to tamp down some of that public anger so did they succeed some atika shubert is in london now. what are the people saying on the streets, atika? >> reporter: well, the remark that most people are really focused on is one of the mps, tom watson really grilled rupert murdoch and bluntly asked him do you think you are ultimately responsible for this whole fias fiasco. murdoch said, no. that it was the people underneath him he had hired and who he had trusted. that's where the fault lies. now, where do we go from here is now the question. remember, there are actually two police investigators ongoing. one on phone hacking and one on police payments and as cameron pointed out in a statement to parliament today, there is a judicial inquiry now under way and 12 months' time we do expect to see a report on that and both james murdoch and rupert murdoch have said they will cooperate fully on that and they will be under oath. we can expect to see them in a
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similar situation pretty soon. >> all right. atika shubert we are watching closely. stay with cnn for in-depth coverage of the murdoch media scandal. we will talk to jeffrey mccrackin coming up, of bloomberg news. two steps forward and one step back seems to be the depth talk tango in washington now. the cut, cap and balance bill would limit future spending and federal taxes. the majority pushed it through but passage unlikely in the senate and doomed if it reaches the president. now it turns to a bipartisan bill proposed by the gang of six. president obama supports the plan and encouraging congressional leaders to follow suit so he can sign the bill into law before the august 2nd deadline. here is the deadline. it helped push the dow to gain
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more than 200 points for its biggest day of the year. let's get to the white house now and cnn's brianna keilar. what is the president doing to make this deal come together at this point? >> reporter: we are waiting. his public schedule is very light. officially no meetings on the schedule. but certainly that could change. and he is really kind of gotten out there using the bully pulpit. we saw this yesterday ahead of the briefing. pushing support for this gang of six plan and it's a big one, kiran. that would include $500 billion in immediate cuts and there would be tax increases approximately to the tune of $1 trillion and it would tackle intij entitlement reform. you're saying doesn't it sound like the grand bargain that president obama was pursuing with speak boehner and was a no-go on the impasse on tax increases? exactly right. this is a big plan and there is something in this plan, i think, for everyone to hate.
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for republicans insisting no tax increases even on the wealthy and for democrats who are very concerned about medicare cuts, even though the program solvency is threatened. >> brianna keilar, we are watching every single second of this debt deal of the negotiations. we will be talking a lot more in the next couple of hours, next couple of days. minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann getting more attention on the campaign trail. another poll showing she is making inroads with gop voters? >> reporter: she sure is what the polls indicate. yesterday she was in the spotlight for her migraines. today a new poll out there making headlines as well from nbc and "wall street journal." the second straight national poll of republicans where she is number two. mitt romney the former massachusetts governor is the front-runner. you see him there at the top. look at number three.
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rick perry. the governor long time governor of texas now also for the second straight national poll in third place. he hasn't each announced yet. they think he is likely to jump into the race but hasn't done it yet. this race is getting more interests by the day. >> another first in the twitter universe today, right? the first presidential debate. how is this going to happen? limited to 140 characters. really? >> reporter: yeah. you knew this was going to happen sooner or later, right? it's being sponsored by the tea which is a relatively new tea party group with presence online. who is partaking in today's event. bachmann and others. there are two conservative commentators who will be asking or typing the questions i guess. they are asking the candidates to respond and keep it to two or three tweets. we will see how it ends up and get back to you on that one. >> exactly. we will follow up. thanks, paul. your next political update in an hour. always get all of the political news 24/7 at cnn/
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you can tweet paul there. millions of somalis already knew what the u.n. has made official. parts of the country are suffering a full-blown famine. people are fleeing every week into kenya to the biggest refugee camp in the world. our david mckenzie is there. tell us exactly what is going on right now, david. >> reporter: kiran, what is going on right now is the u.n. declared a famine in two parts of southern somalia. it's no surprise to the people there because they have been streaming across the border. some of them walking days and weeks to get here to this refugee camp. we spent the last few days here. it's a desperate situation for people. they are people who have not had anywhere to actually set their lives together. they are not able to find proper shelter and often struggling to find food. we even saw a father burying his young child yesterday because
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they couldn't get the help they needed. now the famine situation means that the u.n. is really trying to push into somalia to make sure they a militant group with links to al qaeda will in fact, allow them a safe passage to help the people in the areas that they, in fact, control kyra? >> david, we have been talking about this constant stream of refugees crossing the border. is there even space in these camps for the new arrivals? >> reporter: well, it's a good question, because this camp was designed for tens of thousands and now it's closer to 500,000. basically, what is happening are people are coming across and taking any means, buses, by foot, taxis. ending up in this camp. initially, they end up on the outskirts of the camp. they don't even have cheryl. they use twigs, whatever they can find. is there a brand-new camp ready for people to stream into but there has been political
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wrangling between the kenyan government and the u.n. agencies. the kenyans saying they are afraid of the security situation if they, in fact, populate that camp. we were there. they had a school, even had a hospital ready to be opened. the next push here will be for that camp to open so that people can at least have some bit of dignity in their lives in this awful situation here in africa. >> it's a story we will continue to follow. kids celebrating in memphis. that's because school won't be back in session until a whopping bill is paid to the school district. it might surprise you who owes the money. and forget e.f. hutton. when rupert murdoch speaks, people listen. we will tell you how investors around the world responded to his testimony. where do you go to find a super business?
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keeping schools closed until the city pony up $140 million. the schools are scheduled to open august 8th. in new york it's partially burned but the fire company from ladder company 3 is returning to gr ground ze ground zero. it's been ten years since it was used. the truck will be perm naptly installed in the 9/11 memorial museum. a woman rescued from the niagara rescue near the falls.
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she slipped into the water from hiking. lucky for her a tour boat swooped in for the rescue. rupert murdoch called it the most humbling day of his life. but he didn't become a billionaire by by apologizing. he may have looked like an aging tycoon but in the end his appearance paid off. just when you thought the tanking news corp. stock was in free-fall, take a look at the turnaround. stock surged more than 5% while the murdochs testified before members of parliament. the company regained $did 2 billion. jeff i didn't mccrackin is with bloomberg news and joins us again. for full disclosure, i have egg on my face because i had the nerve to ask you yesterday, is it possible murdoch could ever go broke? and, of course, now i know why you were laughing at me. that is why you're the business journalist. so let's talk about just how
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significant this rebound is. >> good morning, kyra. thanks for having me. yeah, obviously, any day you can return $2 billion back to your family and to your shareholders is a good day. they were down, as you said, i think between $6 billion and $8 billion the market are tumbled since the july fourth weekend and concern going into the testimony that perhaps it would continue to tumble further. but as you point out, 5%, it was up 5% during the course of the hearings. sometimes you need to be cautious to attribute a rise or a fall to any one event. overall the stock market had a great day so that helped news corporation. i think the dow jones industrials average was up over 200 points. that helps news corporation but no major stumbles no major goopups if you will during the testimony. if you listen to the financial community, the equity analysts and people who track murdoch or news corp. shares were all favorable and felt like the company had side-stepped a potential land mine here.
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>> and he was asked, you know, mr. murdoch, would you resign and he clearly said, no. so, i mean, is it even worth asking, you know, did he save his job? i mean, his thinking, it seemed like, his job was never at stake. >> right, right. as we reported at bloomberg there are independent directors that were concerned and probably continue to be concerned about mr. murdoch and whether is the right chief executive going forward. i think we will not know how this will play out a little while longer. there are potential land mines down the road. the investigation the fbi is doing in alleged hacking of 9/11 families. there is also the issue of the foreign corrupt practices act. it is notable the independent directors at news corp. have hired their own attorneys so perhaps to protect themselves and protect there is more liability to come. i think at this point it's safe to say that news corporation had one of its best days in several weeks. being in the news business, you
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and i understand that oftentimes things are a big deal and suddenly they go away. you think a few years ago everyone was over aig and now it's gone and everyone over goldman sacgold m goldman sax sacks and it goes away. this may fade away during heat days and summer vacations. >> this may not be the big bus story we thought it was going to be. who knows, more testimony down the road and other investigations. bottom line, it will be continued -- it will i guess continue to be an issue when we are talking about blurring those lines about journalists and their sources and the issue of ethics. >> right. no, i think you're right. i think probably why it's gotten as much attention as it is. we in media who do what i do and you do and other outlets are focused on these issues so it's very interesting to us. >> definitely.
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jeffrey mccrackin, good to talk to you. thank you for joining me. she has been on sesame stre and eye ir-- "iron chef." we will have the details coming up on the first lady's on "extreme makeover." you can upgrade our free app. grab your ipod and we ask constantly be with us. you don't have to be at home or have your tv on. you can live stream us. this is all you have to do. go to your ipod, boom. hit the icon, upgrade our free app. you can see it's loading right now. all you'll have to do is press the live tv icon up top, hit "cnn newsroom," it's loading right now. it worked perfectly before but basically you will be able to watch us wherever you go. all right. your showbiz headlines, ashton kutcher takes it off.
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ashton kutcher takes it off. the first ad for the retooled sitcom "two and a half men." they are nude wearing only a giant sign. how is that for a promotion. charlie sheen announced he signed into a new sitcom but not yet sold to a network. the 23rd bond film set to hit theaters next year. in it, daniel craig reuniting with character actor reese evans. he played craig's stocker,
9:21 am
they kiss. abc says michelle obama will guest star in "extreme makeover." she will work on a center for homeless female veterans. her episode airs in october. another big loss. shall we say, for the nba. less than two months after shaq retired, fellow seven-footer yao ming is bowing out. >> translator: today i need to make a personal decision as a possible as a player. i will stop my career, possible career and i will formally retire today. thinking of the back and thinking of the future, i have black and blue very grateful. first of all, i need to be grateful for possible it has bring happiness to many people, including myself. >> ming is only 30. pretty young retiree. we look at his career and the injuries that have actually
9:22 am
ended it. >> reporter: >> with the first pick in the 2002 nba draft, the houston rockets select yao ming from shanghai, china. >> reporter: when houston drafted yao mink, they believed he was the foundation of a bright future. during his rookie season, yao played in every game, averaging more than 13 points and 8 rebounds. he finished second in the voting for the rookie of the year award and the rockets improved their one-loss record from the previous year. the 7'6" center was making a name for himself. >> yo! >> yao. >> yo! >> yao! >> yo. >> yo. >> can i write a check? >> yo. >> yao. >> yo. >> yao! >> yo. >> reporter: over the next six seasons yao's numbers improved and helped lead the team to the playoffs five times though they never got past the second round, his impact in raising the global profile of his team and the league was massive. >> his impact rah really been on
9:23 am
the game of basketball and the growth of the game of basketball and the growth of the nba globally. he has taken the league to heights that they would never have realized without yao ming in china and, subsequently, he has boosted the houston rockets in the same fashion. >> he always had a tremendous impact and his impact has been both on and off the court. but, literally, there are millions of children that are inspired to play the game and he's broaden the audience for us. >> reporter: but by his fourth year, yao began suffering injuries to his legs and feet after missing the entire twiv 2009-2010 season he played five games and reports that the 30-year-old is retiring, it appears it was a career-ending one. mark mccay, cnn, atlanta. generation y folks borne between 1977 and 1998, when you
9:24 am
combine marriage, children, buying a home with internet addiction when it comes to these folks you have a prime business opportunity. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange with more. alison? >> reporter: every generation gets a label. we have the baby boomers. the gen-xors. this company says it's figured out what makes milllineals tick. >> our business is about the young people coming of age. they are an important market for us. they are our market and they are a very different consumer. they want things that are uniquely and tailored just to them and they are not satisfied with taking something off the shelf. they need to customize it in some way. that expands to the wedding and baby names that they choose.
9:25 am
>> reporter: epi lineals are a huge market for them. only 20% of millineals are married and 20% married and mostly in their 20s they say a successful marriage was the most important thing in their life or very important. being a good parent is an even higher priority. 95% say it's the most important or very important. and also want to own homes. 73% in the most important or very important range and each of these milestones what they want is information and lots of it. kyra? >> all right. let's talk more about the marriage aspect. you know? how are millineals changing the wedding business? >> reporter: >> reporter: the planning is almost done all online. 91% of brides use the internet to plan their weddings last year and weddings are bigger and more expensive. the average wedding cost almost $27,000 last year. part of the reason is they want
9:26 am
to personalize their weddings but david lu points out another reason for the bigger price tag. >> the millineals are getting married older and taking control of their own budgets so i i think that is one of the key differences. >> parents are chipping in about 40% of the weddings but the couples themselves and grooms's parents are chipping in as well so it's kind of a three-way deal. >> reporter: the xo group says once they hook the bride on the knot a 40% chance they sign up with the bump, the baby site, when the next milestone comes around. >> alison, thanks. let's make a deal. if the show were still around, it would be in perfect time for football season. nfl labor talks and cities feeling the financial fallout. we will have the update next.
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a bipartisan deal to raise the nation's debt ceiling is feeling
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hopes the government won't run out of money on august 2nd. the president says the deadline is drawing close and congressional leaders need to talk turkey in today's meetings. a heat alert and dangerous temps will blanket the east by the end of the week. some areas feel as hot as 126 degrees. taliban claiming u.s. hackers for announce the death of its leader mullah omar taliban says he is still alive and well. one of the most talked about moments during rupert murdoch's testimony seemed to happen in the blink of an eye. >> oh! >> outrage. >> out of the crowd, a man lunges at murdoch, flops him with a pie but the attacker gets his just dessert. a swift smackdown as you can see right here from the not the policeman, but actually murdoch's young feisty and very protective wife. that is her that you saw right there in the pink jacket. so we want to take a closer look at wendi deng murdoch.
9:31 am
born in china roughly half of his age and may not surprise you she was once a very good volleyball player. linda lu of "newsweek" and the daily beast profiled her in the article crouching tiger and flying murdoch. obviously, this woman is no wallflower. but she is pretty accomplished in her own right. i mean, yale is just one example. >> reporter: she's very tough. she's very intelligent. she's as ruthless as any of the murdochs. i think she is someone one should not underestimate. >> just to give a little context, they met, i believe was it a party in hong kong? she was actually working for the tycoon? >> reporter: right. she was -- she managed an internship after graduating from yale. at star tv which is the sort of flagship murdoch's flagship in greater china and she great
9:32 am
crashed one of their annual parties where he was there and that was apparently their first meeting which was relatively brief, but, obviously, very meshlable because then she was his translator in china and hong kong. she was part of a work delegation that went to london and they started seeing each other and before you knew it, he was divorcing his second wife of 30 years and within a couple of weeks, marrying wendi. >> it wasn't the only controversy sort of swirling around here. i mean, as a teenager, she was caught up in an affair with the goal of getting a green card? >> reporter: right. we will she befriended an american couple in china, the cherries, and she was learning english. she actually spoke no english at all and she was learning english from both of them and she asked them to help her get to the states to study and they did help her and she ended up living
9:33 am
with them in california where she went to the university of california northridge and it appears she was having an affair with the husband. she later moved out. he divorced -- this man divorced his wife. she married mr. cherry and then they were also divorced. but they stayed married long enough so that she could get her green card. >> many people say she is really moderated rupert's views, especially when it comes to women. melinda lu, enjoy your work and thanks for talking with us today. >> reporter: thank you, kyra. >> you bet. tonight, nfl players will vote on a collective bargaining agreement to end the four-month-long lockout. if the lockout comes to an end it won't change the fate of towns around the country around the country. poppy harlow is live in new york with more. >> reporter: they are not knowing what is next so a lot of them have canceled their training camps. you might think they can just
9:34 am
practice somewhere else. i got to tell you this matters in a major way for a lot of small towns across america. the new york jets, they canceled their training camp in cortland, new york. we went up there, about fours hours outside of new york city. tiny town. population 19,000 and they love having the jets there. we want to see what kind of economic impact it has on this town and it was a lot bigger than what i expected. take a listen to what the business owners that looked so forward to having the jet this year what they had to say about what it means to them. >> it was heartbreaking, you know? we got 250-pound pro athletes walking down the street and it's amazing and they are in your restaurant and ordering chicken wings and hanging out eating pizza and talking to you. >> america loves football and we missed out big time. >> reporter: tell me what the moment was like when you found out the jets were bringing their training camp here. >> well, i think my jaw just dropped. it's been my favorite team over
9:35 am
30 years. i can't explain the anticipation. >> at a time of year, the businesses are struggling to get any dollar they can. >> reporter: and it also comes down to jobs. a lot of those businesses bring on extra employees to handle all of the players and their families. the 41,000 fans that come to that tiny town just to watch the practice. we asked the jets why did you cancel. they said, look. during the lockout, we didn't have the months of planning it takes to bring our team up there. they are going to extend their contract and go back there, though, next year. a big blow for these tiny towns. >> what kind of loss are we talking about? for example, cortland, new york. it's not the only one being hit by the lockout. >> reporter: it's not. 5.8 million dollars, that number almost $6 million is what this little town brought in last year because of this training camp. you bring in 41,000 spectators they eat out and stay at hotels.
9:36 am
baltimore not going to their training camp in maryland a loss of 2.2 in westminster, m.d. giants are not training in albany, new york. a million dollar loss for at least for the state capital. vikings talking about not training in mankato. even if we see a deal from the nfl players, if they agree, the small towns will not get their money back and why the new york attorney general is investigating this to see if there is any antitrust issues here and what they can do to get money back to these businesses. we will follow that and see what happens with that investigation. kyra? >> poppy, thanks. after all the press conferences and secret meetings, all of the political peacocking we still don't have a debt deal. l.z. granderson say it's easy enough to solve this problem. bring in more women into these discussions. he is going to talk about his piece on next. don't forget if you're walking away from the tv, it doesn't mean you have to stop watching. you can take me with you. here you go. as you can see, there a little
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two weeks away from the dloo deadline and still no debt dole. lz granderson talks about what has been going on but there has not been enough female voices. you're just preaching for the female choir here. i got pam with me and i got reba ka and my ep. they know how to battle for resources and they could get this debt deal done. >> i get they could. >> tell me why you're so pro woman. >> i'm pro woman because i feel that when you look at the numbers, the hard numbers in
9:41 am
congress right now and nearly 85% are men and 230 plus years and only 260 women as congresswomen. i see it as untapped resource. the nation is presented about questions i think we need to take a conscious look how we are coming up with the answers. just on a vigil you look and you're going, well, the country's mostly is women. there are more women with degrees than men. maybe we should be looking at this intellectual resource and tapping into it. >> point well made. you point on the euro sentencie. i love that argument. >> it's not my argument. >> it's the fact. >> it's the fact. men over which i'm a proud member of, we're left brain dominant which means we are task oriented but it also means that we don't do a very good job of using both sides of our brains equally. neuroscience proves that women are and they are more creative in terms of problem solving,
9:42 am
they are more prone to be better communicators and they also just seem to be more willing to want to not have a fight or flight response when it comes to stress. again, that is the science. that's not opinion. >> basically, you're saying nancy pelosi needs a little bit more support here? >> reporter: well, i think all women need a little bit more support. i think men need to look at women as viable resources inteck intellectually and women look at men as leaders i guess not in need of a man to make a proper decision, that they have power in themselves. >> l.z., love your piece and love you put if you'd like to read his column, go to you can weigh in and have a conversation with him. it has to be l.a.'s most exclusive dining spots. i'm going to tell you how these folks managed to dine uninterrupted on one of the country's busiest freeways and you can call them the calorie cops. talk to our medical correspondent about how their work actually found some pretty
9:43 am
misleading menus. take a look at this salad here. it is supposed to have 376 calories according to the restaurant's website. how much did it actually have? i'll tell you soon. . in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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checking stories across the country. in minnesota things could return to normal after nearly three-week government shutdown. lechts approved the last of a dozen bills that completed a new budget deal between the democratic governor and republican lawmakers. 22,000 state workers were out of a job during that shutdown.
9:46 am
in northeastern ohio record rainfall flooding out homes and roads. the storms brought damaging winds and lightning. 10,000 people left without power and the akron airport closed a few hours after the main terminal was flooded. take a look at this. a lovely little dinner for three at one of los angeles dining spots. the middle of 405 freeway. they decided what the heck, let's set up dinner while the highway is closeded for construction. some called it carmageddon but the traffic nightmare never really materialized and not a bad plags to dine. great view. a squad of under cover agents looking on for your health called calorie cops. a team from tufts university are trying to figure out how many calories are in the restaurant food we eat. senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen to tell us maybe we shouldn't read what is on menu, is that the case?
9:47 am
>> right. you see calories for a certain dish you want to order and you trust them, right? you are there. folks at tufts university decided to test like 200 something dishes at popular restaurants that we go to all the time. and they found they were way off. like some of them were off by 200 calories. some efficient them of them 300. one was a thousand calories off. they can take the food and bring it into the lab. many were right but many were wrong. >> i hope that wasn't the salad. >> that wasn't the salad. >> but it turns out when you think you're ordering health kri like a salad sometimes it has more calories than a dish maybe you would assume, you know, has -- >> yes, they found more incorrect or what they say are incorrect calorie counts in salads than in anything else which is really a problem because you eat the salad because you think it is low calorie. for example, here is a salad from outback steak house. a side wedge with blue cheese dressing and it was 659
9:48 am
calories. it was more when they tested it than what it said on the website. >> that is the dressing that is so fattening. >> let's say you're sitting at the table and the guy is shaking it on back in the kitchen. you don't know how much he is putting on. he may be putting on more than he supposed to or take a look at this if you can get in tight. all this bacon and blue cheese. if someone puts an extra handful of those into your salad. >> what is the restaurant saying about building? >> outback say they they probably inspected the wrong salad. but tufts say no, we ordered it right. these are all handmade from scratch and so when you order something, the guy in the kitchen may be putting on a little more or a little less of the dressing than what we planned for him to put on and they say that is where the variation comes in. >> watching what we eat. >> order things on the side. >> okay. on the side. continue to go on the side easement keep going on the side
9:49 am
and you can't lose. >> thank you. coming up wendi murdoch gets the jump on the pie guy and her husba bodyguard. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top safety pick by the iihs. thas the power of german engineering. hurry in and lease the jetta s for just $179 a month. ♪ visit today.
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9:51 am
today, gabrielle giffords staff and members of zimmerman's family will be on capitol hill for a press conference. zimmerman worked for giffords and is the first congressional staff member to be killed in the line of duty. a los angeles county judge will consider a prosecution request to delay the start of trial of michael jackson's doctor. they want another three weeks to
9:52 am
prepare. the trial has already been delayed twice since his arraignment in january. the army psychiatrist charged nearly two years ago will be arraigned. nidal hasan is killing 12 and injuring 31 at ft. hood in november of 2009. we're following lots of developments. let's check in first with bre and that keeler. >> the white house is pushing another huge deficit reduction package, but will it take anything less than a miracle to reach a deal on something like this before we hit the debt ceiling august 2nd? i'll have details on that at the top of the hour. >> i'm elizabeth cohen in atlanta. michele bachmann says she suffers from migraines. how might that impact the job she could do as president at the top of the hour. i'm martin savidge. borders books going out of business. the loss of 11,000 jobs, the closing of hundreds of stores, but what does it mean for the future of reading? could it be the end of books as we know it? i'll have the story.
9:53 am
>> oh, my gosh, and the book you chose, marty. we'll have to talk about that. also ahead, it sounds like something from the "men in black" movies, the fourth bureau. this little known credit agency could stand between you and your next loan. but i did. they said i couldn't fight above my weight class. but i did. they said i couldn't get elected to congress. but i did. ♪ sometimes when we touch ha ha! millions of hits! [ male announcer ] flick, stack, and move between active apps seamlessly. only on the new hp touchpad with webos. and move between active apps seamlessly. and, just like toddlers, puppies need food made for them. that's why there's purina puppy chow... with all the essential nutrients your growing puppy needs. purina puppy chow.
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somewhere in america, a city comes to life. it moves effortlessly, breathes easily. it flows with clean water. it makes its skyline greener and its population healthier. all to become the kind of city people want to live and work in.
9:55 am
somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. time now for the big play. first it was shaq, now another big man exits the nba,
9:56 am
eight-time all-star and 7'6" pro basketballer yao ming announced his retirement this morning in shanghai. the long time houston rocket has been hobbled with injuries. hanging it up at 30 years old. who knows? maybe he's try trading in the jersey for the microphone like sthk, the diesel making his debut on the nba tv show. he dissed the miami heat's so-called big three by subtra subtracting chris bosh from the mix. take a listen. >> the miami heat got a lot of great players. the big two, they will be back. lebron james has taken a lot of criticism. i know lebron very well. he hears everything that everyone is saying. i think he's going to have the mvp year this year. >> not bad for a rookie. no word from the forgotten chris bosh. couples supposed to have each other's back, stand up for each other. we know one wife takes that very seriously. here's jeanne moos.
9:57 am
>> reporter: wendi murdoch was easy to pick out in pink. when you're 38 years younger than your husband, it's nice to rub him back and pour him water before he testifies. she even restrained him when he pounded the table too much. but she didn't restrain herself when this happened. an activist pulled a foam-filled plastic pie plate out of a plastic bag, some of that foam landed on cnn producer jonathan wald as the attacker -- >> plunges it squarely into the face of murdoch. >> reporter: and that's when his wife wendi whacked the guy, even hit him with the plate. >> it was extremely dramatic. >> reminds us of the woman who used her purse to try to knock the gun out of a hostage taker's hand. at a school board meeting. >> this is the weapon. >> apart from the shaving cream, all rupert murdoch got was a
9:58 am
tongue lashing from his attacker. >> you're a greedy billionaire. >> the activist identified as jonnie marbles had just sent a tweet saying it is a far better thing that i do now than i have ever done before. it may have been more than a close shave for rupert murdoch, but at least he avoided major embarrassment by getting his face full off camera. unlike pie targets like ann coulter -- >> oh. >> and ralph nader who managed to throw his pie back at his attacker. bill gates got splattered and then his image got slat splattered for eternity all over the internet. an nit at that time bryant got pied by a gay demonstrator. well, at least it's a fruit pie. >> let's pray for him right now. >> first her husband prayed for the attacker, and then went outside and splattered him back. wendi murdoch was praised by a member of parliament. >> your wife has a very good
9:59 am
left hook. >> or was it her right? regardless, a prankster temporarily changed her wikipedia entry to say wendi used her ninja backgroundton ward off her attacker. after the attack, wendi tenderly cleaned off her husband. >> carefully wiping the foam off his jacket and his face. she was smiling and seemed quite happy that she had managed to score a blow. >> reporter: we watched her crossing her arms and crossing her legs, but it was the right cross we won't forget. cross we won't forget. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. -- captions by vitac -- it's 10:00 a.m. on the east coast. hello, thanks for joining us. a deal to raise the nation's debt ceiling fueling hopes that the government won't run out of money august 2nd. president obama says congressional leaders need to talk turkey in today's meetings. most of the central u.s. under a heat alert.
10:00 am
and the dangerous temps will blanket the east by the end of the week. some areas feel as hot as 126 degrees. the taliban blaming u.s. hackers for a text that the announced the death of mullah omar. the taliban says no, he's alive and well. two steps forward, one step back. that seems to be the debt talk tango in washington. the house has passed the cut, cap and balance bill which would limit federal spending and future taxes. the republican majority pushed it through, but its passage sun likely in the senate and doomed should it reach the president. so the focus now turns to a bipartisan bill proposed by the senate's gang of six. president obama supports the plan and is encouraging congressional leaders to follow suit so he can sign the bill into law before the august 2nd deadline. in fact, here's a measure of just how worrisome that will deadline is. this new glimmer of optimism helped the dow gain more than 200 points for its biggest day of the year. recovering both angles.
10:01 am
kate bolduan is on the hill. kate, what exactly is in the plan proposed by the group of six? >> it's a big plan. some were describing it as a huge long-term deficit reduction plan that includes some 3.6, $3.7 trillion in deficit reduction over the next ten years. $500 billion in deficit savings in the immediate term, if you will. it also is calling for new revenue, which some will read as tax increases, a touchy point there. another touchy point it takes on is entitlement reform. there is a lot in this plan. but this, the goal of this plan was really to make the president's fiscal commission, they came up with guidelines and suggestions to make that a reality. and this has been worked on for months by this bipartisan group of senators, three democrats, three republicans and they've come up with this massive plan. to be clear, their focus has always been on long-term deficit reduction not necessarily unless relation to this is specifically
10:02 am
this debt ceiling debate as they've been looking at this far before this debate really heated up. >> brianna, what's the white house doing to make the case for this plan? >> reporter: kyra, we saw yesterday the way the president's trying to push this forward is by using the bully pulpit, coming to the cameras yesterday. he's trying to appear as kind of the great compromiser, that he's trying to get these twos sides, democrats and republicans really to broker a deal on something like this, although obviously he has his point of view. if you were to say that he's sort of like a parent in this, i guess you could say the democrats were his favorite child. we know there are on going discussions going on. the president has a pretty light schedule today. we're waiting to see if perhaps a meeting will will be announced between him and the principal negotiators here. so far, there is no announced meeting. we know everything cans have been on going. senator reid just mentioned that he was on the phone last night with president obama, on specifics, i will tell you the white house is being very mum on
10:03 am
the back and forth. >> bottom line, what's the reality of this the actual getting through? >> reporter: very good question, kyra. bottom line is that members of this group have acknowledged as senator dick durbin a democrat said, this huge plan is not ready for primetime meaning this huge plan is not going to be put into legislative language in time to beat this deadline, but there is some discussion about maybe folding in elements of this plan into possibly that mcconnell reid fall back plan. one suggest by kent conrad is to use this is plan possibly as the baseline for discussion of the deficit commission that could be set up as part of that fallback plan. but it's all part of this kind of very, verying story as we're continue this conversation. >> brianna, house republicans not exactly embracing this. >> no, they're not exactly embracing this, and obviously, the white house is aware of this because we've heard the speaker say on some very important points, this falls short. i think really, you know, it has
10:04 am
to be seen. this would be very difficult to pull off and we heard the president say yesterday the concentration is very much still on this plan that senators mcconnell and reid are working out. but as you know, kyra, that puts the president in the position of having to raise the debt ceiling three times, essentially on his own with a minimal -- minimum amount of support from congress. and certainly that would be very politically difficult to make that ask three times between now and the 2012 election. >> brianna keilar and kate bolduan, appreciate it. we'll be talking a lot more. all right. are we going to be moving on to murdoch? okay, we're going to talk more about the scandal and the fact that david cameron found himself in a little heat when he testified. we'll have that out of london right after the break. my cream is what makes stouffer's fettuccini alfredo
10:05 am
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cisco. personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. murdoch media scandal far from over. matter of fact, great britain's prime minister faced a grilling and more than a few heckles when he appeared at a special session of parliament. david cameron has found himself increasingly tainted by claims that he was too cozy with the media empire and its leaders. meanwhile, get this. amid the scandal, the company is showing signs of rebound. news corp. stock surged more than 5% while the murdochs testified yesterday before members of parliament. in more simple terms, the company regained about $2 billion of its lost value.
10:08 am
let's get straight to dan rivers in london. we've seen the public outrage aimed at the murdochs. what's the street view of prime minister cameron and his speech? >> well, i don't think there was any sort of knockout blow landed on him today. the debate is still going. although the prime minister is not in the chamber now. but parliament behind me should have already gone on holiday, but they came back especially for this debate. that's a sign of how serious this is all being taken. the prime minister coming back early from a trip to southern africa to sort of face the music as it were in the building behind me. again, he was sort of asked repeatedly about his lapse, supposedly, of judgment in hiring this former tabloid editor an end coulson as a director of communications, asked again about the exact nature of his discussions with people in murdoch's empire during a time when the government was considering this takeover of a broadcaster here,
10:09 am
bskyb. the prime minister hit back though. it was a robust performance from david cameron. he was really sort of on many occasions asking for unity rather than decisiveness from the opposition. here's what he said. >> what the public expects is not petty public point scoring but a -- what they want, what they deserve is concerted action to rise to the level of events and pledge to work together to sort this issue out once and for all, and it is in that spirit that i commend this statement to the house. >> reporter: so the prime minister there fighting back. but i think he will remain under pressure for many more weeks and months to come. this story still has a long way to run. we're told that this police investigation will almost certainly result in more arrests. they've got 11,000 pages of evidence to go through in all this.
10:10 am
and as far as the political dimension of the story, well, there is an awful lot of political hay to be made by the opposition who are sort of reveling in this trying to embarrass and corner the prime minister wherever they can. >> dan rivers live from london. coming up at 10:30 eastern, we've got meet the murdochs. a look at what could happen to the family's control of its empire after the hacking scandal. conduct unbecoming after officer. that's why a slew of naval commanders are now being relieved of their command. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr live with more on i guess you could say pretty embarrassing facts that led to a rather unusual memo, shall we say? >> indeed, kyra. the fave's top officer is not happy. here's what's going on. you know, just this week, a navy flight squadron commander relieved of duty by the navy for what we are told is an alcohol-related incident out on a port call in the middle east just the latest incident.
10:11 am
so the far this year, 14 navy commanders relieved of duty and we're only in the month of july. 14 so far this year, 17 all of last year. all of this prompting admiral gary roughead, the chief of flavl operations to release a four-page memo. he has written to propectspective commanding officers reminding them in very blunt language of their responsibilities saying in part, and i quote "you will be held accountable to the highest standards of conduct." and certainly about 14 of them did not meet that standard. what are they getting relieved of duty for? well, you know, it ranges from everything from allegations of drunk driving, inappropriate personal relationships, mistreating other sailors, one commanding officer relieved of duty even for mishandling loaded weapon. all of these things, even two of them relieved of duty for running their ships into buoys
10:12 am
in harbors. now of course, it's not just the navy we want to say. the army, the air force, marines all over the last many months consistently relieve officers of duty when they fail to meet standards. sometimes it's just loss of confidence in command, but the navy certainly cracking down the chief of naval operations making it very clear, he wants this to stop. kyra? >> barbara starr, thanks, barbara. checking stories across the country now, kids in memphis, tennessee may be doing a little celebrating today. that's because the school district is keeping schools closed till the city ponies up 140 million bucks that the cities owes it. schools are to open august 8th. in new york, the fire truck from ladder company three is returning to ground zero. it's been almost ten years since it was used to respond to the scene of the attacks. truck's going to be permanently installed in the 9/11 memorial museum. talk about a close call. a woman had to be rescued from the niagara river right near the
10:13 am
false. she had been hiking along the shore and slipped into the water. luckily for her, there was a tour boat nearby that swooped in for the rescue. coming up, with more and more people embracing e books,ing are regular books virtually doomed? and she's been on sesame veet," "iron chef," now first lady michelle obama will appear on "extreme makeover home edition" and for a great cause. don't forget, if you're walking away from the tv, it doesn't mean you have to sop watching. you can take me with you. all you got to do is stream live on your phone, computer, ipad. here you go. check it out. it's happening right now. a little bit of a delay here. and then you just upgrade the new app for free, by the way. and there you go. you can watch us live anywhere that you are. network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities,
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all right. showbiz headlines now. ashton kutcher takes it all off. how's this for the first ad promoing the retooled sit-com 2 t two and a half men? cast members it going commando hopefully to command your attention. what about charlie sheen? he says he's signed on to a new sit-com not yet sold to a network. the dean obeidallahrd bond film set to hit the theaters next year. one more reason to watch, well, the welsh actor starred with craig in a movie before where he played the stalker in kisten. new bond girl? abc says michelle obama will co-star in extreme makeover home edition to work for homeless female vets.
10:17 am
her episode airs in october. with borders announcing it's going to out of business, the publishing industry is trying to navigate the age of the ebook. marty substantially sums it up. >> reporter: once upon a time, all books had pages. and were only bought in stores. what a fairy tale. today, we read things called kindles or nooks and books are downloaded anywhere any time. to see how much things have changed, just peer into john mcclure's front window as he runs his publishing company from a spare bedroom. >> this is actually a book we publish, get the job you want in i.t. >> he used to go to borders, then saw the writing on the wall and gave uppis i.t. job to begin signal man publishing. see far he's published 200 electronic books and seen his business double each year. >> i think publishing is undergoing a huge change not unlike the whole record industry
10:18 am
with with downloadable music. >> so is it the end of paper books? mcclure says no. not even close. >> we're just in the last three years, it's come to about this point where ebook sales are about on par with the paper back sales. >> but you don't think paper books are going to g away? >> no, i think it's going to level off somewhere in the middle. >> expert brit beamer agrees. he points out only 11% of consumers say they would buy an ereader. >> so you still have 90% of americans are still going to buy a book. >> beamer says it would be wrong to think that borders went bust because bookstores are obsolete. >> you can't look at borders to me as a failure of the book industry. you have to look at borders as a failure of a retail concept. >> so if they got it wrong, then bnl books would seem to have got it right. >> this is just regular romance. >> jan packwood has 38,000 books and 4,000 loyal customers. daughter dina manages place.
10:19 am
>> well, we're here to stay. >> so far they've been around 24 years. and despite all the changes in the book business, their readers keep coming back. packwood says their secret is something you just can't download. >> customer service. >> knowing your customers? >> yes, being able to build rapport with them, knowing what they read and also our customers go way back as far as they've grown up in the store when they were children, the mother brought them in and then they come back and bring their children. and it's sort of family-like. >> reporter: kyra, all the experts we talk to say it's pretty much going to be a world that has both ebooks and regular books in them. there are always going to be those who love the feel of a book and always those who like technology. the reality is this, would without batteries and, would under 10,000 feet and you can beat on it and it still continues to work for you. kyra? >> what exactly are you reading
10:20 am
there? is that one of your all-time favorites is? >> is that an all-time great? >> it's just one of these kind of sea adventure stories. big fan. >> another side to marty savage. thanks, marty. republican governor chris christi pushes ahead on a program to dispense medical marijuana. your political buzz is next. plus, protecting the murdoch empire. we're not just talking about murdoch's wife's right hook. ealh probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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10:23 am
checking top stories, the house may have passed's cut, cap and balance but the deficit reduction plan is likely to die in the senate. a bill proposed by the senate's bipartisan gang offism and supported by the president more likely to pass. the heat wave that's broiled the middle of the country has stretched over to the east coast now. excessive heat watches, warnings and advisories in effect in more
10:24 am
than 30 states. and a day after the murdochs grilling by british lawmakers investigating phone hacking, prime minister david cameron in the hot seat. in a special session of parliament, he denied allegations his staff tried to block an investigation into the now defunct "news of the world" tabloid. political buzz, your look at the hottest political topics of the day. three questions, 20 seconds on the clock. maria cardona, talk show host pete dominick and talk radio host dana loesch. first question, michele bachmann says migraines will not get in her way as president. reagan had cancer operations, kennedy was said to have malaria. why should her migraines matter? dana. >> i don't think that they should. i think that this piece that's kind of circulating is nothing more than research trying to masquerade as journalism. she controls it with taking aspirin. there's a bunch of uncited
10:25 am
sources. it's drama for drama's sake. >> maria? >> i do think she needs to come clean how her condition affects her ability to do her job because clearly it has affected her ability to do her job. more than migraines i think what should scare every american is her brain and the political philosophies and public policies and ideas she would pursue. that should be scarier to any american than any migraine. >> i think i'm scared to hear what pete's going to say. >> well, first of all, michele bachmann could help out millions of american who's suffer from migraines by telling them what medicine she's using to control nem. i'm definitely a lot more scared of her brain when it is functioning. but the truth here, kyra, it doesn't matter at all about her migraine headaches. she has the same chance as i do of getting the nomination for president of the united states. >> republican governor chris christi pushes ahead on a program to dispense medical
10:26 am
marijuana. is the push to legalize pot beyond partisan politics? maria? >> well, it should be beyond partisan politics because clearly, there is a role for medical marijuana for a lot of american who's suffer from chronic pain. unfortunately, i think for christi and i think the reason it took him so long to approve the measure, it will be an issue politically if he decides to pursue higher office. it's not an issue that his base agrees with or the majority of republicans in this country. >> dana? >> actually, i think it is kind of. it's sort of a bipartisan issue. honestly, the topic, we have the debt ceiling we're talking about right now. we have the war in libya. we have stuff going on in afghanistan. the president promised to bring home troops. not going all the way through with his promise. i would love to see these issues tackled as opposed toed to this. i think there's weightier stuff. >> pete? >> well, the truth is a lot of people think that this is an issue that the left or democrats or liberals care more about. but president obama hasn't made much movement on this.
10:27 am
gary johnson and ron paul are totally four decriminalizing and to some extent legalizing marijuana. the fact is if two drugs give you pain relief and one will kill you possibly and be addictive and the other won't, which one do you want to take? >> your buzzer beater now. if the gang of six plan actually helps cobble together a debt deal, what impasse task should they tackle next? dana. >> well, cobbling together is the right word. i like the cap and balance plan. i think if we're serious about getting the debt under control, we need to pass it in the senate a and present it to the president for his signature. this plan is a sham, does nothing to reduce taxes. >> she went past ten seconds. >> maria, two buzzes, three buzzes. you get an extra three seconds. >> so i think they should help the president tackle unemployment next. and raising the debt ceiling
10:28 am
will go a long way towards doing that. they should then tackle the nfl lockout and lastly see if they can put together j. lo and marc anthony's marriage. >> talks about political buzz. j. lo and marc anthony. pete, what happened? they were supposed to be the couple. >> right. >> i think j. lo finally got a good look at marc anthony. >> oh. >> ouch. >> will that hurt my career? i think the next big impossible task they could tackle is the gang of six could head out capitol parking lot and move the democrats parking spots two spots to the right to match their political shift. >> pete, maria, dana, thanks, guys. >> thank you. great britain, the political buzz is all about the murdoch media scandal. this morning, the prime minister faced a grilling and more than a few heckles when he appeared at a special session of parliament. david cameron has found himself increasingly tainted by claims
10:29 am
he was just too cozy with the media empire and its leaders. meanwhile the company shows signs of rebound. news corp. stock surged more than 5% while they testified yesterday before members of parliament. the company regained about $2 billion of its lost value. so investors showed support for rupert murdoch's performance by buying the company stock. richard roth looks at how the whole family is trying to protect this empire. >> when rupert murdoch was attacked in london -- his family led by whif wendi rushed to his aid by going on the offense. during the hearing, father and son played defense with survival of the family business at stake. >> for rupert murdoch, the testimony was less about him than it was about preserving news corp. in the murdoch family. he's on his way out. but he has got to keep control so he can pass it to james and his other children.
10:30 am
>> rupert murdoch at times was glad to have james, his fourth child and deputy news corp. executive, take some of the heat. >> i think my son can perhaps answer that in more detail. >> before the scandal, james murdoch was seen as a likely heir to the ceo chair. >> first of all, i would like to say as well just how sorry i am. >> i think james is finished. i just don't think he has enough credibility left. the only thing is now whether he can stay out of jail, but he cannot run this company. an. >> reporter: another son, lochland was once seen as the heir before quitting in 2005. >> murdoch is very devoted to his children but he's had a stormy relationship with them. lachland murdoch once seemed like the heir apparent but had a falling out with his father and he's been off to australia. >> elizabeth murdoch has denied reports she blamed her brother james aura beck cag brooks for the damage the scandal has done to her father's company. she once started her own
10:31 am
independent tv firm only to be bought by her father for nearly $650 million. >> this is a man who cares so much about his legacy, he once said to me, all i want is for my kids to be decent people. >> they love their father, but keep an eye on replacing him when that day comes. >> james very much very much wanted it. they all wanted it. there was the period when elizabeth wanted -- elizabeth was the heir and that didn't work out. and then lackland and james. so actually this rather continues the pattern. >> keeping it all in the family. rupert murdoch told questioners about his late father buying a small newspaper, rooting out scandals. >> which i remain very, very proud of. >> i think students of history are well aware of your family business. >> i would love to see my sons and daughters follow if they're interested. >> a hint from the father that the children may be less
10:32 am
interested now that the company is embroiled in scandal. richard roth, cnn, new york. coming up, black farmers furious at congresswoman michele bachmann. >> when money is diverted to inefficient projects like the pickford project where this seems to be proof positive of fraud, we can't afford $2 billion in potentially fraudulent claims. >> feud lent claims? the head of the black faerps union weighs in on the historic settlement based on discrimination and financial loans. and don't forget, if you're walking away from the tv, doesn't mean you have to stop watching. you can take me with you. you can take all of us with you. just grab your ipod and check this out. download the free app. and there you go. streaming live. you can take us anywhere you want to go. hey, the new guy is loaded with protein!
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our stories across country. in minnesota, things could get or could be returning to normal after nearly three weeks of a government shutdown. minnesota governor mark dayton just signed the budget bill as you can see, officially ending the 19-day government shutdown. and in northeastern ohio, near record rainfall flooding homes and roads and brought damaging winds and lightning. about 10,000 people left without power and the akron airport was closed for a few hours. take a look at this. lovely little dinner for three at one of los angeles' most exclusive dining spots. the middle of the 405 freeway. mart corrigan, his wife and a friend decided what the heck. let's set up for dinner. the highway is closed for construction. some folks called it carmageddon
10:37 am
but the nightmare never really materialized. congresswoman michele bachmann once again characterizing a settlement to black farmers as fraud. >> when money is diverted to inefficient projects like the pigford project where there seems to be proof positive of fraud, we can't afford 2 billion in potentially fraudulent claims when that money could be used to benefit the people along the mississippi and missouri river. of course, that's iowa. >> fraudulent claims she says in a settlement to black farmers discriminated against in the '80s and the '90s. john boyd president of the black fathers union, john, she says the settlement reeks of fraud. what do you say to that? >> how you doing? first of all, this case is not about fraud. this case is about black farmers who were discriminated against between 1981 and december 31st of 1996. we've proven our case in federal
10:38 am
court. i just don't understand why people like miss bachman and others on capitol hill continue to criticize this settlement. this is something that they continue to use to divide and conquer america. if they want to bring america together, the thing they're going to have to do is accept that black farmers had problems with the united states department of agriculture and we need to make this thing right by paying settlement to eligible black farmers that of deserve these payments. >> john, she continually talks about these numbers, 94,000 claims of discrimination. yet, there are only 18,000 black farmers in the u.s. here's what she said back on the floor back in november. >> how in the world, mr. speaker, can you have 94,000 claimants in addition to the previous 14,500 claim theents if there were originally only 18,000 black farmers in the
10:39 am
country? this is a simple math problem. >> my guess is not a simple math problem for you, john. >> no, it's not really. the case goes back to 1981, and thousands and thousands of black farmers made their case to the united states department of agriculture. this case has nothing to do with the census. and miss bachman and others seem to forget why blacks were in this country. we were in this country to farm. and we were slaves and we went on to be sharecroppers and many of us went on to buy and purchase land after the civil war. so many black farmers that are not counted by the u.s. census had problems dealing with the united states department of agriculture. this case says those who attempted to farm and farmed between 1981 and 1996, it didn't say you have to be counted by the census. >> bottom line, you're saying you know, because black farmers couldn't get loans, because of discrimination, you've got a lot of family members, lots of
10:40 am
generations here coming forward saying look, we deserve, you know, to get a piece of this settlement? so let me ask you, you know, when you listen to these statements and the fact that she keeps addressing this, i mean, how would you characterize her accusations? do you feel she's racist? >> well, she's going to have a hard time proving to america that she's not racist if she continues to make these kinds of comments. and it's like what i said in the early part of the show. if she wants to be president of the united states, she's going to have to work with all people and somewhere in there, all people include america's black farmers. to continue to ridicule a group of people who have been victimized by the united states department of agriculture, we've proven our case in federal court, there's been hearing after hearing. i personally worked with republicans on this legislation that the president signed into law back in december. we went through every loophole that of the challenged and presented to america's black farmers and we're still being faced with a form of
10:41 am
discrimination such as what miss bachman is doing by continuing to ridicule person who's deserve justice in this country. >> once again, we'd like to make the point that we would have michele bachmann on live at anytime to discuss this issue. john boyd, thanks for your time today. >> thank you, kyra. the nba's tallest player makes a big decision. yao ming retiring. we'll have a live report from beijing. so how about this weekend we learn some new tricks of the trade... then break out our doing clothes and get rolling. let's use some paint that helps us get the job done in record time and makes a statement when we're finished. we're lowering the cost of a new favorite color. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. glidden premium paint has been rated a best buy, and you can only get it at the home depot.
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10:44 am
time now for the big play and good news for texas ranger fans. he was the number one draft pick by the houston rockets in 2002 and he's only 30 years old but yao ming decided to retire from the nba. he helped the league score millions of fans in asia. commissioner david stern called him a frans transformational player. advertisers just called him. >> reebok, pepsi. >> yoo's popularity and appeal still strong. unfortunately, his body's not. serious foot and ankle problems prompted the decision to retire. stan grant joins us live from beijing. he was an all-star in the nba but a superstar in china. what's the reaction to his retirement there? >> yeah, a lot of sadness. this isn't unexpected.
10:45 am
it's been rumored for the past few weeks. really this was an official announcement of what everyone really probably already knew. you mentioned there this injury. he's carried foot and ankle injuries throughout his career. he first broke his foot when he was still a teenager and never really got over that. that's probably hampered his legacy on the court or as you say, eight times he played for in the nba all-stars game. so certainly he will made his presence felt four times, went to the nba playoffs with the rockets. so he really was a sith player. what was really interesting about yao ming though is the times that he came along. he was a champion for the times for the chinese people, he was one of their own going to the united states, taking them on at their own game and really standing up and being counted. at the same time, his rise and his success paralleled the rise of china, china's economy eamericaned as the second biggest economy after the united states in the world and established china as a world power. it was also a timely for yao
10:46 am
ming because as you say, the advertisers all came calling. this was a man who was a brand, a billion dollar brand, representing so many of these big. advertisers, big companies around the world. and a transformational figure as david stern said today, a figure able to bring hundreds of millions of people to the game and really cast a very long shadow and now by leaving the game, leaves a very big hole both here in china and also for the nba. >> stan grant, live from beijing. coming up, it sounds like something from the "men in black" movies, the fourth bureau. this little known credit agency could be what stands between you and your next loan. chronologically i'm sixty years old.
10:47 am
is it the new forty, i don't know. i probably feel about thirty. how is it that we don't act our age?
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10:49 am
paying a gym membership on time or magazine subscription you forgot about kept you from getting a car or home loan? it's becoming more of a reality. alison kosik of the new york stock exchange to explain why. allison? >> it's because of this very mysterious fourth bureau we've all heard of equifax, experian, transunion. these are the big three bureaus that keep track of loans, establish our credit score. how about this fourth bureau? it's this group of lesser known companies and they track many of the financial moves that you make. it's got a hand in determining whether you qualify for a loan. now, "the washington post" rounded up some of the bills it is monitors, everything from rent payments and magazine subscriptions to cable bills, gym memberships and payday loans. the problem with this is, if the information they have the isn't right, it could keep you from getting a loan. in fact, one woman tells the post" it kept her from buying a dishwasher of all things. >> so this is clearly worrisome
10:50 am
for all of us. who do you think is most at risk from this fourth bureau? >> well, it's mostly students, immigrants, low income people. about 30 million people all together without access to basic financial services. so they depend on this fourth bureau for information to get them a loan. that could be a good thing once again if the information is correct. if you've missed payments or the information isn't correct, these people can't move forward. if you want to keep track of what your credit is looking like with this fourth bureau, what this bureau does, it charges 11 bucks for files. the new consumer protection laws allows denied credit to get one of these reports for free. kyra? >> wall street got a nice boost yesterday from president obama and the gang of six. any follow-through today? >> it did. not seeing much follow through. watching stocks drift a little lower. investors are waiting for the debt ceiling deal to come to light. a disappointing housing report. we're watching apple shows. a blowout quart thanks to strong
10:51 am
sales for the iphone and ipad. shares up $388 a share. if only i would have gotten in at $25. >> we've said that about everything. said that about apple back when the computers were -- allison, thanks. is this economy, it can tough to find a job. now is your chance to be seen and heard. give your 30-second pitch right here on air. tell us why someone should hire you. send us an e-mail, 30 second pit and you may get a chance to make that pitch right here on the cnn newsroom at 10:00 a.m. eastern. checking stories making news today is, good-bye staff and an-zimmerm an-zimmerman's family is the first congressional member to be killed in the line of duty. a los angeles county judge will consider a prosecution request to delay the start of the involuntary manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor. they want another three weeks to prepare. that trial has already been
10:52 am
delayed twice since conrad murray's arraignment in january. the army psychiatrist charged in the deadly ft. hood shootings will be arraigned today his first courtroom appearance since being told he would face the death penalty. nidal hasan is accuses of killing 12 peopkill killing 4 people and injuring four others. a migraine can take you out of action. michele bachmann suffers from migraines. she came out yesterday to talk about that. so severe she says they actually send her to the hospital. medical correspondent elizabeth cohen here to talk about the fact that can they roorlroorl - really inca pass tate you. >> you're not quite sure what you should believe or what you shouldn't. the daily caller quotes former aides who say she had migraine episodes about once a week and that they could incapacitate her
10:53 am
for days. now, back mon says yes, i do suffer from migraines but it is not nearly as bad as all that. let's listen to what she has to say. noorz. >> i pream prescribed medication that i take on occasion whenever symptoms arise and they keep my migraines under control. i'd like to be abundantly clear. my ability to function effectively will not affect my ability to serve as commander in chief. >> now, cheryl stole berg, a "new york times" reporter talked to her son who is a physician. and he said look, yes, at least twice she's had to seek emergency care while traveling. he said she's probably not going to run a mile, but he said she s is can assess information, comprehend information. all of that is fine. >> elizabeth cohen, we'll continue to track it also as the campaign continues. elizabeth, thanks. republican senator and the gang of six talks to us about compromise and civility. we'll ask senator crapo if
10:54 am
there's enough time to hammer out a deal. >> plus, illegal immigrants discover a new ways to zip across borders. a new poll of gop hopefuls has one gaining ground and another firmly in place. we'll take you live to washington or our political ticker. [ male announcer ] germs in your mouth build up and form a layer called biofilm so strong it survives brushing. thankfully, there's listerine® antiseptic. its triple-action formula penetrates biofilm, kills germs and protects your mouth for hours. fight biofilm with listerine®. on our car insurance. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side,
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so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! [ disco playing ] and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! yeah, that'll certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
10:56 am
time for your political tick they are hour. all this deficit and debt ceiling talk, well, it's coming
10:57 am
with a cost. some lawmakers may pay a high price when election time rolls around. white house correspondent brianna keilar live in washington with more. brianna? >> hi there, kyra. i guess we're not surprised that voters are frustrated with how washington is handling debt negotiations. and kind of everything. a new "washington post" abc news poll shows that 8 out of ten americans surveyed were either dissatisfied or outright angry about how the federal government is working. this is the highest since the 1990s. and furthermore, 63% of them said they may look around to elect new representatives come november 2012. a lot of poll numbers out. check them on the the political ticker. also new numbers there from "the wall street journal" poll on what people think of how the president is leading the country. not so great numbers for him. also on the ticker, the rnc is targeting hispanic voters in three key states, nevada, new
10:58 am
mexico and colorado, states that president obama won just by single digits in the last presidential election. they're also going, they've put out an ad and going to be putting out a spanish language ad. the thought is maybe they can make some headway because while unemployment is at about 9.2% overall in the u.s. for hispanic americans it's higher at 11.6%. and then also something of note that we learned during the briefing yesterday from white house press secretary jay carney. it appears the president is coming a click closer towards endorsing even more rights for same sex coups. carney saying the president supports something called the respect for the marriage act. this is a bill going through the senate, through the committee process right now. it's an outright repeal, that's what it proposes of the defense of marriage act, the same-sex marriage ban. we'll be watching this and going to have a story shortly because this hearing is going on right now. it's the first hearing of any reglation that would outright
10:59 am
repeal the defense of marriage act. >> we're watching it here, too. brianna keilar, thanks. we'll have your next political update in the an hour. you can always go to our website that does it for us. fredricka whitfield in for us. >> it's hot out there. >> yes, it is. >> thanks so much. hello again, i'm fredricka whitfield live in studio 7 in for suzanne malveaux. for this wednesday, july 20th, a report out of britain's parliament today comes down hard on london's police and news of the world" owner news international parliament looked at scotland yard's initial phone hacking investigation back in 2005 and 2006. the report rips the chief investigator who left the police force and eventually took a job at news international. it slams news international for its "deliberate attempts to block police." david


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